For over 30 years I have built a multi-faceted career exploring the endless nuances and complexities of erotica, sexual health and self-exploration for women. There is a great bit of it to sample here on the site. Please take a look around.

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Candida In Action

Erotic Film Pioneer: Her work, her vision. Candida Royalle pioneered the concept of female-centric erotic cinema. See her at work and get a glimpse in to her philosophy and her Femme films.

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Take a Peek

In How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do, Royalle shares her personal and professional expertise to help women realize their own sexual needs and fantasies.

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Natural Contours

Natural Contours® intimate products are ergonomically designed to complement the unique curves of a woman’s body. Designed in Europe, they are tasteful, elegant, and perfectly discreet for travel.

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Candida Royalle

Photo: Daniel Nicoletta

Pioneer Feminist Pornographer set to tell all in upcoming biopic, WHILE YOU WERE GONE: the Untold Story of Candida Royalle

Fundraising Campaign launched to raise budget.

"This is a story that is both complicated and simple. Titillating and taboo. Relatable and foreign. And it's a story that hasn't been told."

Candice was only 18 months old when her mother left home, leaving a scar in the heart of a girl and the woman she would become. Through her unorthodox childhood in New York City and her early training in performance arts, through her starring roles as Candida Royalle in adult films and her pioneering work as a producer of erotic films, through her design collaborations and her writing, through her public speaking and her battle with ovarian cancer... the question was always there. Why did you leave me?

That question is at the heart of a new documentary project about the life of Candida Royalle, a woman who refused to be defined by the labels we use to understand a complex past. For those who would like to learn more, watch the moving trailer for the documentary and donate: whileyouweregonefilm.wordpress.com



From Feminist Porn Pioneer to Doctor Royalle: Candida Royalle awarded Doctorate in Human Sexuality

On June 26th, 2014, Candida Royalle and two other members of Club 90, the first ever adult industry support group, were awarded the degree, Doctor of Human Sexuality, from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco.


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Candida makes the rounds on SEX WITH EMILY and SMASHING INTERVIEWS

It’s been a busy month for Candida, two of the highlights being an upbeat, informative and fun visit with Emily Morse on her super popular podcast, SEX WITH EMILY; and an in depth & personal talk with Melissa Parker on SMASHING INTERVIEWS. Click here for more info and links to both interviews.



Club 90 delivers Closing Keynote at CatalystCon West

Club 90, the adult-film star support group Candida Royalle co-founded with Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Hart, Veronica Vera and the late Gloria Leonard, has been making lots of news lately, from receiving their doctorates from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality to speaking at New York’s Museum of Sex. Read here about their latest news-making event at this fall’s CatalystCon West gathering in LA.