For over 30 years I have built a multi-faceted career exploring the endless nuances and complexities of erotica, sexual health and self-exploration for women. There is a great bit of it to sample here on the site. Please take a look around.

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Candida In Action

Erotic Film Pioneer: Her work, her vision. Candida Royalle pioneered the concept of female-centric erotic cinema. See her at work and get a glimpse in to her philosophy and her Femme films.

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Take a Peek

In How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do, Royalle shares her personal and professional expertise to help women realize their own sexual needs and fantasies.

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Natural Contours

Natural Contours® intimate products are ergonomically designed to complement the unique curves of a woman’s body. Designed in Europe, they are tasteful, elegant, and perfectly discreet for travel.

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Candida Royalle’s ‘AfroDite Superstar’ nominated for the first Dusk! TV Porna Award

On September 7th, the premier TV Station for women’s erotica, Dusk! TV, based in Amsterdam, will present their very first Porna award. The nominated films were selected by thousands of women. Dusk! TV is the first TV station that requires all featured movies to be viewed and selected by a panel of women. “Porna” is a word created by Dusk! TV to describe explicit erotica that appeals to women’s sensibilities. Royalle’s Femme line has been a favorite on Dusk! TV since their debut in 2009. Royalle will be a special guest at this invitation-only event in Amsterdam. For more information about the nominees, the event and other featured guests: